It's that time of year again! Are you ready to get to work hanging lights outside of your home? To make sure the endeavor is quick, painless, and looks great, we recommend you follow these simple tips. They won't take all the effort out of the process, but they'll make sure the work you put in is well-rewarded! Check out these helpful tips provided by our friends at ABODO.

Measure and Test

First and foremost, make sure you have enough lights for the job and that they all work before you start hanging them. You'll save yourself a lot of wasted effort if you take the time to plug your lights in and check them first. Also take the time to measure the places you want to hang lights to make certain you have enough space.

General Safety

The holiday season is infamous for injuries, in large part because of DIY decorating going awry. Take the time to do things right to avoid a Clark Griswold moment; check your ladder to make sure it's secure, have someone to help, and don't take any unnecessary risks. Watch out for slick surfaces, wear appropriate clothing for the weather and task, and pay close attention to your tools, the surfaces you're working with, and anything else that might cause trouble.

Electrical Safety

Holiday lights aren't the most dangerous electronic device out there, but they can still be trouble. Make sure you're not in danger of crossing paths with electrical lines on your home or on nearby trees, secure your lights with insulating clasps instead of thumbtacks or nails, and treat your lights with the same respect you would any other wire: safe if handled properly, a disaster waiting to happen if you don't!

Theme and Design

As far as aesthetic concerns go, you should decide in advance what you're aiming for. White lights along hard edges? Lights on trees or other items in the yard or along the walkway? Or maybe a full-scale Christmas Vacation-style extravaganza, complete with animatronic reindeer and lights timed to flicker along with the beat of "Carol of the Bells"? Whatever you choose, plan it out thoroughly in advance. You want to make something amazing, not half of something amazing.